April 13, 2021

Latest SEO Trends That Will Truly Propel Business Up And Ahead In 2020

Latest SEO Trends

Latest SEO Trends

If you want to take your business ahead of your competition and gain higher SEO results, you will need to follow the latest trends and best practices. This means that you will need to know about the constant changes and implement them in your SEO practices. Since Google hates to see web developers and SEO marketers resting, you should be always on your toes. When you update your SEO strategy with the recent trends it will help you to remain visible.

Some of the best SEO trends to follow in 2020 are:

Technical SEO is something that is going nowhere. It is for this reason websites are now becoming more complicated. This makes technical SEO is one of the most significant areas of investment in 2020. This will help you stay ahead of nearly two billion websites.

There are a few key areas to focus when it comes to technical SEO. These are:

  • Website speed – Fast loading sites will ensure that Google rewards it as well as the users. Since there is a very short time to grab attention of your users and nobody likes to wait and therefore your website should load within 15 seconds.
  • PWAs: The Progressive Web Apps have evolved and web designing companies follow its legacy into the future which is why you should take it seriously as well.
  • JavaScript: Google and other major search engines have a soft spot for JS-driven websites.

Most importantly, Google search is not the last word in SEO and site ranking anymore. It is for this reason you should be abreast with the latest trends to follow in 2020 for your business benefits.

Optimizing search intent and code

Another significant trend that is followed in modern SEO is optimizing code and search intent. This means that keywords now are losing its importance, though there has been a huge debate on its relevancy. Now, there is more focus on intent-based search optimization. This has changed how the search engines now show the SEO results.This search intent-based SEO need much more than using a few keywords in your content. This means that, your site will be ranked higher when the users get exactly what they are looking for.

Therefore, in 2020, the intent behind using keywordswill become more preferred in order to ensure better search results when users use voice searches and mobile devices. To ensure best search intent you will need to focus on three basic questions such as:

  • Which method is the best?
  • What is required to be done?
  • How intensive the task is?

This means that content should be created for the users and use keywords that will simplify the task and satisfy the intent of the searchers.

Better action plan

You will need to have a better action plan to optimize your SEO score and get better ranking in the SERP. In this aspect you will need to track your results and also ensure site optimization, both of which, luckily, is in your hands. There are lots of recommendations provided by Google to optimize your score.

For this, you will need to use your brand as your ranking signal for the search algorithm. There are two ways in which you can use your brand in the best possible way for your ranking signal.

  • First, you can use unlinked brand mentions. This will ensure that the search engines know about your brand identity. It will further analyze all the properties to get a better and clearer picture of your brand authority in this specific field.
  • Second, you will need to use sentiment and context of each component such as brand reputation, advertising, trust, complaint-solving and more. This helps Google to distinguish good from bad as per the Search Quality Guidelines stated. The sentiment around brand mentions will affect the rankings of site.

You must focus on backlinks as that is the strongest ranking signal. Along with it, you must mention your brand name and cater to your reputation online. Address pain points of the customers and also use influencers who are ready to talk about your brand. Lastly, look for your competitors and reverse-engineer their strategies.

Importance of content keywords

In Search Engine Optimization the importance of content keyword will remain steady while other aspects of it will remain changing constantly. It is for this reason you will need to focus on the future of SEO rather than use the same old and traditional methods. This will ensure that you get more automatic IG likes when you use Instagram and more comments, likes and shares when you use Facebook.

You will need to make the best use of the emerging trends in SEO and create the best strategies to follow. As you move into a new decade, here are a few trends to watch for:

  • BERT: This is the latest algorithm update of Google. This will change SEO in 2020 and beyond. This helps the search engine giant to analyze the structure of search so that it can find out the pages that are flooded with keywords.
  • High-quality content: Content will be the king always but the quality of it will eb more important in 2020. It should have a human intent and must be timely.
  • Voice search: Your website should be optimized for voice search in 2020. People will not type in words to frame their questions. Instead, they will ask it.
  • Featured snippets: This indicates the zero position on SERP. These are actually short paragraphs that contain the information.

SEO services process

You or your SEO strategist should remember these aspects while creating an SEO strategy for you in 2020. You must ensure that the following steps are followed:

  • An in-depth competitor research to know their core strategies and implement them
  • Keyword research and analysis to select the high, medium and low competition ones that will define your audience
  • On-page optimization from content to UX
  • Better link building using advanced techniques and
  • Content marketing.

Timely reporting is also essential to track the performance and outcome of your SEO campaigns in 2020.