May 9, 2021

Tips for a finding a Creative Business Name

Creative Business Name

Creative Business Name

One of the most important aspects of an SME or business is the commercial name. If you are thinking of starting your own company, you should know that the commercial name goes through 3 essential phases: Search, Choice and Presentation. The best tips and tools collected in a single article, a valuable resource that will help you create a true professional company name without having to invest a single rupee. This list will help you understand which names the public likes the most, which ones are easier to remember, which ones give more play and which ones are a complete mistake. Look for a brand that is 100% evocative and completely avoid simplistic descriptions. Often the name does not have to have a rationality or meaning. Why did Steve Jobs choose Apple to call his computers? The name did not come from a creativity studio; it was the one that seemed most evident to what he wanted to sell: computers as easy to use as eating an apple. He could have chosen iTech or Micro Computer Company. But these names did not carry his philosophy in the new man-machine relationship that he wanted to create.

Finding the Right Business Name

In most cases, an entrepreneur has not chosen his company before thinking of a business model. The search is usually the consequence of having proven and confirmed that the business idea has possibilities of being profitable.

This is an advantage. Because it is possible to analyze the competition and discover what types of names they use. The copy is not good advice, but they can give clues as to how their clients or users accept the naming of each company better in that specific commercial sector.

The search for the creative business names also includes discarding those successful names that have already been chosen; those that are dangerously similar to what we are looking for to the point that they could be confused; as well as the terms to be avoided by any context that may be controversial, especially in translations into other languages.

The best advice for this phase of searching for your company’s commercial name is to analyze all the markets with which it has a relationship, be it the technological base on which it relies, the suppliers that are needed or the same clientele. In these markets there will be reference brands and you will find similarities between their commercial names that you can take advantage of.

Choosing the best business name

With some signs of what your business name should include or drop, there are a few basic tips that are extendable to any naming choice. They are as follows:

Keep it short: A word of between four and six letters is considered to identify the perfect business name. It is not necessary to be so limited, just try not to exceed the two words and that they are as short as possible.

Easy to pronounce: Take into account the language you are going to and how it will be pronounced. In English the coincidence of vowels or consonants is almost always a problem. Similarly, it is recommended not to use consonants that are easy to confuse each other, unless they are clearly presented by the concept to which they refer.

Better if it makes sense: Many linguists claim that the best way to learn a word is to understand the concept it conveys. The same thing happens with a commercial name, although in this case it will be difficult to combine creativity.

Creativity: Be original, risky, different. In other words, make the business name creative. What sounds repeated or poorly worked conveys a bad image.

Create a link with the business: If you find a very attractive commercial name but little related to the company, it will not do any good to use it. You should always seek a certain link between naming and business.

 The correct presentation of the commercial name

The treatment of the commercial name, its presentation and practical use, is just as important as its choice. For starters, get a corporate identity. If it includes a graphic element, it will be easier for you to market and make customers remember it. In addition, you will know how to treat it in any environment, whether digital or offline.

Use it in due time, don’t rush. A correct presentation is made with a previously published web environment and all printed commercial material such as professional cards.

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Lastly, especially in cases where phonetics are important, such as when acronyms or numbers are used, you are the person responsible for transmitting to the potential client the correct way to name your company. It is something that you must decide in advance and make sure you do without any confusion, so that they can recognize your business name at any time and situation.