April 13, 2021

Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

It is very disappointing once you have to make changes in the long-awaited successful plans. I recently started my new business of clothing and was quite excited to go to mainland China to import some clothing range as the style and product quality is excellent there. I saved money, made necessary arrangements to grow my business. I was prepared mentally and financially as saved and invested to take my business to a new level until I heard the news of the Coronavirus spreading in China like fire.

It felt like all my hard work, compromises and adjustments were wept off by the wave of Coronavirus. My flight was in another 45 days with Lufthansa Airlines which now had to be canceled. I was unaware of the Lufthansa Cancellation Policy so I went to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines and looked for the Cancellation Policy in order to know the procedure along with the guidelines and conditions of the policy.

Before making the cancellation I thought it would be great to know the provisions and the cancellation fee.

Once it went on the website I got to know that the airline was kind enough to provide full refund to the passengers who were flying to mainland China and wish to make cancel their reservations. They also declared that the minimum fee will be implied to the passengers who are willing to make changes in the reservations from mainland China to some other destination. Since I was flying for business and not vacation I wanted to cancel the booking made with Lufthansa. In other cases the policies mentioned the following conditions for the cancellation process:

Lufthansa Cancellation Policy:

  • Lufthansa Cancellation Policy stated that travelers who cancel the tickets within the initial 24 hours of making the purchase of the ticket will not be imposed with any cancellation cost.
  • For the aforementioned condition to be imposed it is important that there is at least a week (seven days) fro the departure of the flight before the cancellation.
  • Lufthansa Cancellation Policy stated that travelers who cancel the tickets beyond the specified time of 24 hours of making the purchase of the ticket will be imposed with the cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation charges dictated by the airline are determined by the type of fare purchased by the passenger.

The Cancelation Fee of Lufthansa Airlines

As specified above, the airline only charges the passengers with cancellation fees who are making the cancellation beyond the stipulated time frame of 24 hours beyond the purchase. But in my case, the airline did not charge any fee as global alert had been declared by the WHO (World Health Organization). The government of multiple countries is ceasing the commute to mainland China and many Asian countries to avoid the expansion of the virus anymore from the current status.

According to Lufthansa cancellation policy, the following fee is imposed by the airline to the passengers who cancel the reservations beyond the stipulated time frame of 24 hours after the purchase:

  • The cancellation charge of 39 dollars is implemented in case the traveler is dropping the scheduled reservation beyond 24 hours and does not perform any activity within the defined time deadline of 48 hours.
  • The cancellation charge of 50 dollars is implemented if the traveler cancels any award ticket.
  • To know more, visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.

How to cancel the Lufthansa Airlines Reservations?

In case you are unaware of the cancellation process, follow the steps mentioned below to cancel the reservations made with Lufthansa Airlines. Before beginning the procedure make sure you have access to the internet as it is not possible to execute the process with any internet connection.

  • Turn on the device on which you are about to execute the process
  • Go to Google and type the Lufthansa Airlines in the search bar and hit enter
  • Tap on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines
  • Once you are on the official website, make a selection on “My Booking” or “My Trip” section.
  • Now make sure to type the correct Booking ID in the given field.
  • Continue by entering the last name of yourself (if you are the passenger of the ticket) or the passenger.
  • Now a list of bookings will pop up in front of you and you have to select the one which you wish to cancel.
  • After selecting the flight for cancelation, you have to select the “Cancel” button to continue the process.
  • You will get an email or SMS for the cancellation made by you from Lufthansa Airlines
  • Once the cancellation process is complete the passenger will get the refund after the deduction of the cancellation fee (if any) in the same account through which the reservation was made.

I am glad that Lufthansa Airlines is so concerned for the convenience of its passengers and is offering a good amount of refund on the cancellations done because of the fear of Coronavirus. To know more about the Lufthansa cancellation policy go to the official site or contact to the customer service at 1800 102 5838.