May 9, 2021

Packaging Design for Watches is Trending in 2020

Magnetic packaging is a style of product packaging that has magnets binding it together into its actual shape. Boxes that are considered as magnetic have integrated magnets that snap into position against each other to secure the box into its original shape. They are most commonly found in the most basic designs that are a square, rectangle, or round that can be easily collapsed into a flat form. This is what makes these boxes collapsible as well. Since there is no glue involved in their assembling, the magnets can be detached from each other at any time and can be set back together. Thus making it the most versatile form of packaging that can be assembled and disassembled whenever required.

Why Packaging Exist in 2020?

A wristwatch never fails to highlight the aura of masculinity. Wait! Not just men, but females also get an added glitz to their wrists once they are embellished with a wristwatch. In the modern times, these watches have become more of an ornament rather than a commodity of utility. This is the most salient out of the many reasons why magnetic packaging is preferred for their packaging. Let us see eight of the best of the best watch packaging designs of the year 2020 so far.

  1. Flip top 

Flip top boxes with magnetic catch are an ideal choice for watch packaging. These boxes are generally manufactured from a single sheet of extremely rigid cardboard sheets that require to be applied with great pressure to bend into the desired shape. The cardboard sheet is bent into shape, and its top snaps into the closing side; that is the first part of the sheet where it began to fold from, with the help of an integrated magnet. The beginning point of the cardboard sheet also has an embedded magnet. This magnet snaps lock into the magnet that is situated at the top or ending panel that forms the top cover of the box. The top cover flips open without getting detached from the box thus giving them the name of flip top boxes.

  1. Luxury leather assorted watch box:

This is one of the most adequate examples of custom magnetic closure boxes. The rigid cardboard base of these boxes is laminated with polyurethane split leather coating. This type of leather is much cheaper in price. But it adds a touch of shine and luxury to the overall experience of the box. The top panel of these boxes mostly has a substantial display window. The see-through area of the window is either covered with a PVC sheet or an acrylic glass panel. The interior of the box is divided into multiple sections. These sections are either laminated with silk or cloth. The sections are proportionate in size to package an assorted range of certain types of watches that the box is supposed to exhibit.

  1. The Speaker Box:

This is a relatively less known and new addition to the family of custom magnetic boxes. These boxes look precisely like a capsule shaped watch speaker. However, its top and bottom part divide into two, exhibiting a beautifully placed watch in a satin or silk cushion. The top and bottom part of the box lock into each other with the help of a magnet. They are printed ideally only with the logo of the company that the watch belongs to. However, if required, additional company or product information can also be added to them.

  1. Magnetic Paper Watch Boxes

Printed on 128gsm wood-free printed paper, these boxes are the most unique and lightweight magnetic boxes to date. They are handy to use with their top opening like a couple of cards have overlapped each other. The top two flaps open in opposite directions exhibiting the beauty of the watch packaged inside. The base is a simple half-square with cushions inserted for the safe placement of the watch.

  1. Sleeve Box with Magnetic Clips:

These boxes have a standard cardboard printed sleeve around a solid tray base. The sleeve is printed with company and product information. In contrast, the bottom is ideally left blank, with only the watch or watches neatly placed in their respective velvet or silk cushions. The base tray may or may not have sections built into it. Once the sleeve gets into the right position on top of the base tray, it clips on to the four securing magnet clips that are integrated into all four sides of the base tray and the inner four sides of the sleeve. This ensures that the sleeve does not slide off accidentally from the base tray during shipping and handling.

  1. Two-piece hexagons:

As the name indicates, these boxes are in two pieces and are in the shape of a hexagon. This unique shape gives them heightened popularity in the market. Their lids are completely detachable, which divides them into two pieces once they are opened. The closure sides have magnets integrated that are not visible but exert their presence at the time of opening and closing of the box.

  1. Magnetic Treasure Box

These boxes look no less than a treasure chest in their appearance. They can carry a number of watches within themselves without letting any one of them get harmed or misaligned at any point in time. Their top only has a frame with the whole top panel as a display window. The window is either covered with a plastic or acrylic glass sheet. These boxes can have as many sections and bisections that the consumer may want to have in them. They are given a woody texture most of the time to make them coherent with their persona of being a treasure box. For that reason, kraft is the best choice for their manufacturing. The top lid of the box has magnets on all corners that snap into position for a perfect and secure closure.

  1. Magnetic cabinet box:

These are the best style of packaging with a magnetic closure when it comes to the after-sales protection of watches. These boxes look exactly like a cabinet and provide ample space for the storage of numerous items. Their front two panels open up like a cabinet and snap back into their locking position with the help of integrated panels that are there both on their base frame and top panels. The choice of adding a display window to them is entirely optional. They have substantial space for printing all the necessary details about both the products and the company that they represent.Magnetic packaging never ceases to amaze its audience. These boxes are the best and the most productive for watch packaging in particular since they aid in lifting up the overall persona of the luxurious watches. All the box types that are mentioned above have made it to the top charts of the year 2020. Not just because of their appearance. Their value-added productivity has also played a significant role in their prominence and currently hyped reputation.